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We believe in a positive self development for clients and participants in groups, both as persons and as leaders. It concerns especially healthy dependency, fine intimacy, social assertiveness, to find one's true self, and to become friend with oneself.
This presupposes a healthy team spirit in the relation or in the group. We must then learn to tolerate a certain anxiety and vulnerability. We must offer ourselves in a genuine manner, listen carefully and take the perspective of the other with empathy. Furthermore, we must communicate unconditional warmth and care, both toward our own selves and the selves of others. We are primarily working to promote positive self development, but we also deal with possible emotional problems of clients and participants.

 self development groups

We offer year-long self development groups for leaders, who either need professional assistance to exploit better one's resources as a leader and personal qualities, or who in periods feel they have functioned below wished for capacities.
(Leif J. Braaten & Knut Isachsen)

 team building groups for leaders

We run team building groups for leaders. Our target group is companies and organizations who need professional help to exploit one's leader resources and personal qualities even better, and who wish to develop a working climate with a true team spirit.
(Leif J. Braaten & Knut Isachsen)

 dialogue partner

We function as a personal coach for top- and middle range leaders during periods of great stress, turn-arounds, and conflicts when it could be useful to consult with a professional person with a certain distance to the problems.
(Leif J. Braaten & Knut Isachsen)

 couples therapy

We offer couples therapy, where one of the partners often has participated in such a self development group as described above. In addition we also run group psycho-therapy for couples in order to reestabish trust and passion in the relationship.
(Leif J. Braaten)

 evaluation and development of boards

We offer evaluation and development of Boards as a collaborating group with decisional power, with the top leadership and additional teams in the organization. The goal is to lift single persons and groups closer to the visions and goals of the company, and to increase the awareness of the leaders' personal and professional skills.
(Knut Isachsen)


Psychologist and specialist in clinical psychology and counselling. Leif J. Braaten has been professor at the Institute of psychology, University of Oslo 1964-98, having participated in the training of several hundred professional psychologists. He has published six books and more than a hundred scientific and popular articles and research reports on e. g. positive self development and teambuilding. From 1998 he is a full time consultant offering the above specified services.
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MBA and behavioral scientist - specialist in group dynamics. Knut Isachsen has a varied background and practice, first technical education from Germany, then education and training as an economist with organizational psychology as a major from Switzerland. During the last 20 years he has published more than a dozen books, which sold more than 90 000 copies.
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