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 Knut Isachsen

MBA and behavioral scientist - specialist in group dynamics. Knut Isachsen has a varied background and practice, first technical education from Germany, then education and training as an economist with organizational psychology as a major from Switzerland.

Isachsen worked as CEO of an industrial company and as the leader for the Norwegian Institute of Personnel Administration (NIPA). He has later during a long period been chairman of the Board in a number of Norwegian industrial and business organizations, especially family-owned enterprises. Established in 1982 AS Isco Group International, today the leading company in the field of executive search in Norway.

During the last 20 years he has published more than a dozen books, which have been sold in 90 thousand copies. The latest books have been concentrated on persons at work and in cooperation, from a distinct psychological perspective.

The books have been strongly influenced by the experience being a personal counsellor for people with heavy responsibilities in society, and especially the experience with groups from the last years of his collaboration with professor Leif J. Braaten.

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