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 Leif J. Braaten

Psychologist and specialist in clinical psychology and counselling. Leif J. Braaten has been professor at the Institute of psychology, University of Oslo 1964-98, having participated in the training of several hundred professional psychologists. He has published six books and more than a hundred scientific and popular articles and research reports on e.g. positive self development and team building. Has worked with groups since 1967, and especially self development groups for leaders from 1980, the last ten years with MBA Knut Isachsen.

Braaten specialized in clinical psychology at the University of Chicago 1955-58, with a Ph. D. sponsored by Carl R. Rogers in client-centred counselling and psychotherapy. He was professor and clinical psychologist at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 1959-63. He has pursued post-graduate training in many kinds of psychotherapy, especially in the American Group Psychotherapy Association, where he became elected "fellow" in 1990 for his contributions to group psychotherapy both in Norway and inter-nationally.

He has been associated with the Counselling Service for Business and Organizations since 1998. Established his own Institute for Person-Centred Consultation in 1990 and is its leader. In addition to the yearlong self development groups for leaders he also offers team building for leaders, acting as personal coach for top leaders, and couples therapy.

My Credo as a Person-Centered Psychotherapist

After some 50 years being a dedicated person-centered clinician, with individuals, couples, and groups I tried to sum up the principles which actually guide my immediate person-to-person interaction with my clients. I feel even now that I am a true Rogersian in my work, but the emphasis on certain points is unique to me, and there are some additions of a technical nature which I have found useful to be genuine, empathic, and unconditional in my accceptance. The original presentation took place at the 11th International Forum for PCA in Ershovo, Russia, May 6, 2010. The article appeared in the Person-Centered Journal, Vol. 18. No. 1-2, 2011, 21-34.

You may read the article here (PDF-format)

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